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A freight trucking company providing a reliable, efficient and transparent marketplace for shippers and truckers in India.


Brand Identity + Corporate Stationery + Website





The Challenge:

The company was the brainchild of three longtime friends and logistics experts. The business plan has been proven a success in Western and European territories, but the Indian market is its own beast and while the idea can work, the branding needs to speak directly to the Indian market in a way which is authentic. Imitation will not lead to any level of success.

Due to the poor service levels of freight management in the country, the client is very adamant that the branding must convey the values of efficiency, trust, and primarily, the transparency in communication, operations and live tracking. They believe that showcasing this will lead them to winning over, and empowering, both the shippers and carriers and ultimately becoming the industry leader in India.

The Process:

The RAAHO concept is one of style, power and a cohesiveness that signifies all the values for which the company stands. The mark is bold, with a sense of authority needed in this space as it is an area of concern for customers, and therefore something the client was intent on providing. And while the multi-faceted icon can stand on its own, it is just at home within its lockup with the brand name.


Color-wise I opted for a vibrant and modern green. Not your standard hue, but on that is more refined and current and will translate perfectly, whether digital or in a more real world application - such as signage, stationery and printed marketing collateral.


The font again is bold, has a sense of leadership and authority within its logistic industry. While the brand name is all uppercase, this font has an extensive upper- and lowercase family with various weightings which again makes it super versatile.


Certain industries call for a logo mark that is seemingly simple, yet says more than a detailed one ever could.


The initial brief called for the website to be created in full once the branding was established.

Here the style scape comes into play and dictates the look-and-feel of the site. And as there is no back-and-forth between designer and client wrt visuals and style, the job is done quicker.

I exclusively design my websites in Wix and the client approved.


It was truly a great experience collaborating with Clint on this project. We were a bit apprehensive with undertaking a remote contract with an unknown designer but Clint was quick to dispel any fears and quickly gained out trust with his intelligent questions, expert feedback and suggestions and high level of design work.

We requested to work closely with him on the project and he complied, keeping us in the loop throughout the entire process. During our Skype calls he showcased his concepts and designs and, most importantly, reinforced those creative decisions with logic. 

Mohammad Imthiaz, Operations Manager

Business card

A standard part of any branding project is the design of corporate stationery, most notably, business cards.

Although we have the reverse option of the logo on black, we opted for a cleaner and slicker execution by gong with the double-sided white. The pop of green in the text adds a nice touch and is anchored by the contrasting weights of the type and the powerful brand icon.

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