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Real Time

A cloud-based wealth-management firm looking to rebrand to a more modern and progressive image to better capture who they were.


Rebranding + Sub-Brand Creation + Corporate Stationery


South Africa



The Challenge:

Having been around for 15 years, Real Time Accounting started as a traditional accounting practice. After becoming the country's first Xero certified Gold Member, the practice began to flourish. Fast-forward to 2020 and the company is no longer just balancing the books, but rather have evolved into a fully fledged wealth management firm for a host of entrepreneurs and SME's.

When the original logo was created it was merely a case of 'we just need something', but now as the firm looks to push itself into it's new phase, it's more a case of 'we need the right thing'.


The Process:

For the icon, I aimed to craft a mark that showcased the brand values of being effortlessly progressive, innovative and collaborative. I really believe that this mark does just that with its rounded aesthetic and intersecting paths. The custom pattern does a great job in adding a touch of quality with its seamless structure - used minimally of course! 


I love that the finalized Real Time palette is filled with a vibrance and energy not often seen in the industry, and even more than that, I love the fact that the client was brave enough to green light it. It does a great job of capturing the energy and fluidity of the brand with it's custom gradient of warm tones. In colour theory the purple hues are linked to suggestions of innovation and creativity (service), while the peach emits a personal warmth (staff).


The font choice for the brand name is a stylized font that oozes a sophisticated digital brand without trying too hard to do so. The official brand font for main usage is a popular web-based sans serif. As a result of this, this font will naturally fit any application and be immediately accepted by the audience due to its modern familiarity.


Understanding the full scope of the company's needs is crucial to creating a successful  brand identity that satisfies the requirements of the client.



Clint is an excellent brand designer and one I plan on working with again in the near future. He took our initial ideas and brand notes, provided further guidance and then submitted incredible concepts. Once we'd narrowed down the concepts he delivered evolutions of the designs quickly and exactly as required.

Pierre Dixon, Director

Sub-Brand Design

An additional challenge brought to me was to not only rebrand the company, but then to also ensure the successful creation of the various sub-brands living within the firm – Accounting, Advisory, Ventures and Transformation. This added layer of complexity had to be at the forefront of the entire rebrand process so that all creative and design directions were made intentionally.

The solution I decided upon was to drill further down into the color palette options and make use of specific tones to assign to the various sub-brands. Again, these were not random assignments, but rather an intentional decision where the specific tone's emotional association was paired with the nature of the respective sub-brand's function.


Corporate Stationery

Once the brand identity had been concluded, and more so the visual language, it was then a mere exercise in design layout to piece the various elements of type, color, icons and associated elements together in away that felt natural and accurate to the brand.

We provided a handful of options to client, upon which we tweaked and refined to reach the finalized finished articles you see above.

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